Air intake cover vent

February 3, 2018
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The PCV system reduces pollution by collecting "blow-by" (unburned gasoline and oil vapor) that would otherwise be vented into the air we breathe. The PCV system routes blow-by back to the intake system so it can be burned properly. PCV is designed to handle these by-products correctly; it is not harmful to the engine.

Placing a closed container on the end of the PCV hose will not work. The engine constantly generates blow-by as it runs. Closing off the end of the PCV hose will raise the pressure inside the engine until the PCV hose (or one of its connections) bursts, your collecting container ruptures, the engine oil dipstick pops out, or one of your oil seals leaks or blows out.

Moreover, leaving the open hole on the intake side will throw your fuel/air mixture off slightly if the hole is downstream of the air mass meter. At a minimum, you're letting unfiltered, dirty air into the engine, which will cause it to wear out faster.

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