Painted basement floors

March 1, 2017
Outstanding Painted Basement

basementfloors01sPainting floors is ridiculously easy. Fun, even.

But let’s back up a bit.

First we needed to clean out all the crap out of this part of our basement. A lot of stuff got moved into the room next door; a lot more of it went to the thrift store. It started like this:

Here’s Dave taking up a pile of donation stuff to load into the car:

And all finished!

Okay, but one of the problems with getting everything out of this room is that it drew attention to the absolutely horrible floor.

Here’s the before picture of our basement floor:

Then I really took a good look at the floor.

basementfloors02sSo I guess what an acid stain does it it kind of reacts with your concrete over a period of time and brings out all it’s beautiful natural variations and all that. Only our floor had nothing beautiful about it, only assorted spills and stains that of every sort that had accumulated over the years. There was even one small place with paint, as if someone had decided to paint the floor and then given up after five minutes.

I also read that you could test your floor to see if it would take the stain well by putting a small amount of water on it and seeing if it soaked in (yay: go stain!) or beaded up (no stain for you!). It soaked in some places and sat stubbornly on the concrete indefinitely in others.

Our floor was not a good candidate for staining.

basementfloors04sWe weren’t really sure what to do next, since we’d just had it in our head that we’d be doing the acid stain and hadn’t really researched further than this. I did some reading online, but finally we decided to just go to a couple of stores, ask some questions, and see what our options were. We went to Lowes first, where we asked our questions to a very young, very uninformative employee who–not kidding–could not pronounce the word “skid.” We had no idea what he was saying until he actually pointed to the label on the product he was talking about while explaining that they sold “anti-skart” paint for concrete. Skart. Skid. Skart. Skid. Yeah, I don’t know, either. Kids today!

So we tried Sherwin Williams. There an older and wiser sales associate who referred casually to his “many years of painting” showed us this stuff:

So this stuff is called a stain, too. But it’s an opaque stain that says it’s fine for previously painted floors. And the Sherwin Williams guy said it would work. It was on sale (and is through the beginning of November) for around $28/gallon, and we used 2 gallons (and have a lot left over).

basementfloors05s concrete stain basementfloors08s fallinlove01s
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