Emerson condenser fan motor k55hx

March 10, 2018
EMERSON K55HXHKL-8719 Blower

Emerson K55HXDFL2190, only one reference to it at AquaMan Pool & Spa. Probably is an OEM part for the furnace it came out of meaning it's a custom make for that furnace manufacturer and not readily available under that number.

This motor is in the Emerson K55HX model lineup and is typically listed as a multi-speed capacitor run condenser fan motor.

Century Electric Motors carries the Century DL1026 as a direct cross reference replacement.

1/4 hp 1075 rpm 3 speed 115 VAC 3.5 A 4.6 max A Model DL1026 5MFD/370V run capacitor Sleeve Bearing

Emerson Electric Company is now US Motors, no cross reference is available on their site.

This should be a multi-speed 115V motor. (Neutral and winding taps for each speed)

In a 220V HVAC device, this would have been wired to one hot leg and neutral for 120V operation.

Do you have the switch that controls the speed the fan runs at? It will be very necessary to have that item to get the winding tap sequencing correct so the motor doesn't burn up.

And also, does it have a starting capacitor with it?

If this is a bare motor without the additional parts to make it run properly, it probably will be useless. You need the speed switch and start capacitor wired properly. A wiring diagram would need to be consulted to make sure it's all been put back together properly.

Source: diy.stackexchange.com
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