Wet and dry rot treatment

September 1, 2018
Sick of wet and dry rot?
Wet Rot Treatment

How to Treat Wet Rot

Wet rot treatment is the process of stopping the source of moisture and drying our the surrounding areas of the infestation. In most cases, minimal areas of the infected timber will need to be cut out, replaced and potentially sprayed with a fungicidal treatment.

The first step in treating wet rot is to eliminate the source of ingress. The second step is to remove and replace the affected timbers. If there is only small area that is has been affected then the rotten should be moved back to the sound timber. The surrounding area should be then treated with a wood hardener and preservative.

Like most property related problems, the longer the problem has persisted without being acted upon, the worse the problem tends to be - much the same can be said for wet rot. If wet rot is spotted in its early stages, it may be the case that only small areas of timber need to be treated, in more serious cases where the rot has been able to spread across timber, replacement of entire timbers may be necessary.

If you are having problems with wet rot then request a wet rot survey for your property online. If you want more information about treating wet rot then click the link below.

How We Treat Wet Rot
Source: www.timberwise.co.uk
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