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October 5, 2020
Platon Stop Flooring Membrane

Oldroyd Xs is a tough polypropylene cavity drainage membrane embossed with an ‘X’ pattern of grooves. These grooves allow moisture to move behind the membrane and allow for shrinkage movement when screeds are laid on top.

The most common application for Oldroyd Xs is to lay it on top of damp concrete floors or newly laid floor slabs. A wide choice of flooring types can then be laid on top, for example, screeds, particle board, and laminated wooden flooring. Insulation can also be used in conjunction with the system, where required. Other applications for Oldroyd Xs include:

Unique Corner Detail

The embossed ‘X’ pattern on Oldroyd Xs allows a corner detail to easily be formed without the need to cut and reseal the membrane.

This is of particular use for radon protection applications as it is widely acknowledged that joints and seals form the highest-risk areas in any radon protection system.

Roll Sizes

Oldroyd Xs is available in a 2 × 20 m (40 m2) roll.

Contains 56% Recycled Plastic

Oldroyd Xs contains a minimum of 56% recycled content as defined in section of ISO 14021. Where quality and availability of recycled plastic allows, up to 70% recycled plastic may be used. By utilising Oldroyd’s multi-layer technology this is achieved without any loss of product performance.

Appearance Grey, moulded polypropylene sheet
Size(s) & Packaging 2 × 20 m roll
Coverage 40 m2
Service Life For the life of the structure in which it is incorporated
Storage Cool, dry conditions
Source: www.safeguardeurope.com
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