Mold and mildew Prevention

October 10, 2020
Bathroom Mold and Mildew

Planning on doing battle with mold and mildew? Make sure you have these cleaning tools on hand.

Keep Your Bathroom Fresh

Few rooms in the home see as much moisture and humidity as the bathroom. Be sure your bathroom stays well-ventilated. An exhaust fan will help circulate the air and remove moisture more quickly. These additional actions will help keep your bathroom fresh and mold-free.

If you're dealing with a mildewed shower curtain made of durable fabric, follow these steps for cleaning it.

Wash using a solution of 1/2 cup liquid disinfectant to 1 gallon of hot water.

Rinse with a mixture of one cup lemon juice and one cup salt to a gallon of hot water.

Wash with detergent and bleach (using color-safe bleach on color fabrics).

Rinse in clear water.

Freshen Fabric and Upholstery

Avoid sending mold spores into the air and throughout the house by first taking fabric and upholstery that's mobile outside. Brush off as much of the mildew as possible. Then treat these pieces individually as follows.

Clean Mildew-Stained Carpets

Start by thoroughly vacuuming the affected carpet to remove as much of the mildew as you can. After you are done, either throw away the bag or clean the canister outside. Then proceed as follows.

Briskly mix 1 tablespoon of liquid laundry soap and 2 cups of cool water.

Apply the suds to the stained area with a damp cloth, sponging lightly.

Repeat until the stain is gone, then rinse.

Dry the area completely.

Prevent Spores from Getting a Stronghold

Help keep your home free of mold and mildew with a few preventive measures.

If It's Too Late, Don't Hesitate to Toss

If the mold and mildew on your fabric, upholstery, carpet, or furniture is beyond cleaning and drying, throw it out or call a professional cleaning service. Don't take a chance with the potential health risks that mold and mildew can cause you and your family.

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