Wall Registers and Grilles

February 24, 2017
Wall Registers And Grilles
Standard Supply Registers - Stocked in both white and brown finish, all of these will include the damper control. Pictured to the left is a two-way pattern but this is also stocked in a three-way air pattern. Many sizes are available. Returns - These are stocked in sizes ranging from 6x4 to 36x36. They are available as filter grilles as well. Use for any wall or ceiling applications. Available in white, brown, and aluminum finish. Brass Registers - After selling Brass for 20 years, we now stock a register that has awesome quality and is still affordable. We stock polished brass, antique brass, and chrome finishes in both supplies and returns. All are solid brass. Cast Iron Grilles - These are quite possibly the best crafted grilles in the world. Cast out iron in the USA, these vents are basically hand made. They are actually heavy as well as heavy duty and will last a lifetime. Plastic - Use these wall air vent covers where rust or cleaning agents are an issue. Even though they are plastic, they are as strong as steel and have one of the best damper mechanisms on the market. They are available in white finish. Round -For use in ceilings, we have these in several styles in sizes from 4” to 18” duct diameter. These can be used in sheet rock, lay in t-bar, or exposed ductwork. Optional dampers are stocked. Available in white and aluminum finish. Wood - All of our wood products are of the highest quality. We have supplies, returns, and filter grilles. If you do not see what you want, please call or check out our custom wood grilles. We have almost unlimited options on wood. Curved Blade Registers - Use these models in ceiling or high sidewall applications. They are stocked in six different air patterns in both steel and aluminum and available in fixed or adjustable blades. White and aluminum finish. Door Grilles -For use in doors to provide return air or combustion air. Our door grilles are two piece construction and vision proof. We also stock a fire rated door grille for use in fire rated doors. We can custom order light proof grilles for use in dark rooms. Commercial Returns -These are available in both return and filter grille styles. They feature aluminum construction and are available in both aluminum and white finish. While designed for commercial applications, the new trend is using these in residential construction where a contemporary look is desired. Commercial Supplies -Styles are available for both wall and ceiling. Custom sizes are available by special order. These are also specified for commercial use but we are seeing more and more people use them in homes where the need is for a higher quality grille or a contemporary look.
Source: www.atlantasupply.com
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