Best Waterproofing paint for concrete

August 26, 2020
KILZ Basement and Masonry

Certain products, such as INSL-X Waterblock and Behr Premium Basement and Masonry Waterproofer, are rated to resist hydrostatic pressure, which makes them good choices for a home that is prone to flooding or heavy rainfall. HGTV recommends Rubberize It! for superior adhesion and waterproofing, especially in areas with very wet soil or flooding. TuffCrete manufactures acrylic-based masonry and concrete paints that may be painted or sprayed onto uneven surfaces, such as stucco or cinder blocks. Many manufacturers produce paints and stains in a variety of colors, while other coatings can be painted over once cured.

Before applying any coating to basement walls or floors, the homeowner should repair or seal all leaks, holes and cracks. In most cases, the product may be applied to dry or damp surfaces. New concrete should be allowed to cure for at least 30 days before application. Some waterproof coatings require a primer or sealant prior to application, and many products require multiple coats. Homeowners should ensure they have adequate ventilation and follow all manufacturer instructions while applying the products.

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