Air Conditioner condenser fan

July 21, 2017
1/6HP Air Conditioner

A condenser fan motor plays a vital role in the performance of an HVAC system. It's function is to cool the hot, refrigerant gas to a cool liquid. Most of the condenser fan motors today are a single speed although some ultra efficient split systems now have an ECM condensing fan motor. If the motor is not spinning the fan blade on your heat pump or air conditioner condensing unit, it may not be an issue with the motor itself. There could be a minor electrical issue involving a low ambient control, capacitor or a relay. If your system is turned off, you may attempt to spin the condenser fan blade. If the blade is tight and will not turn, the motor has locked and will need to be replaced. The many working gears and windings within the motor are under almost constant use and like any other component on a condensing unit is exposed to the elements. In addition to normal wear and tear, condenser fan motors can fail from an electrical short as well. We carry universal motors on all of our service trucks to ensure a speedy AC repair in the event of a condenser fan motor failure. Call Melo Air today for a quick AC repair.

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