Filters for air vents

March 23, 2019

AllerTech® VentGuard Vent Filtration Kit offers a simple, inexpensive means of removing dust and other airborne particles that come out of duct-work through a room's air supply vent. House dust is loaded with invisible allergens, pollutants, and even germs that find their way into your living space via the duct-work.


  • High-grade, electrostatic polyester media traps dust, soot, spores, allergens, and more
  • An easy, inexpensive filter for air vents that protects from particles coming through duct-work
  • Far better and more economical than other methods, such as cheesecloth or gauze
  • Additional 30" Velcro Installation Strip sold separately and is reasonably priced for extra on hand when you need it.

Because even high-efficiency furnace filters only catch what is circulating in your home’s air, not what is hiding in your ducting, VentGuard is a low-cost solution to further help any room become an “allergy-safe zone.” Just cut the filter media to fit the size of the incoming air supply vent (register) that you wish to cover and affix to the vent with the included installation strip. On a normal-size vent register, one filter roll should provide enough vent filter material for 20 vents. The economical and cost saving four vent filter rolls will cover 80 vents, a year's supply if replaced every 3 months! VentGuard Vent Filtration Kit includes one 16" x 60" roll of vent filter material, plus a 30" Velcro installation strip. The four roll VentGuard Vent Filtration Kit includes four 16" x 60" rolls of vent filter material, plus a 120" Velcro installation strip.

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