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November 4, 2020
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Condenser fan motor replacement cost:

Your condenser fan motor is located usually on the top of the condenser or on the side of it. The condenser is located outside. If the fan is not blowing any air when the a/c is on, most likely your condenser fan motor is burnt out. However, if you do not hear any noise from your a/c you might have other issues like no power to the unit or you’re not getting signal to the condenser to turn on. When your condenser fan motor stops working it can be a couple of things causing that.

1) Your run capacitor is bad. The run capacitor gives the motor a jump start every time it starts. The cost to replace a run capacitor for a condenser fan motor from an HVAC contractor can range from $150 to $275 depending on the size and the labor need to install the part.

2) The Condenser fan relay is bad. New condensers have a relay they turn the motor on and off when the system starts and turns off. The cost to replace a condenser fan relay can range from $175 to $275 the cost depends more on the make and model of the unit and the contractor installing the part.

3) The condenser fan motor electrical winding are bad (burnt motor). If the motor is burnt out your motor may be moving slowly, but not to full speed or dose not turn on at all. Always replace the motor with the same specifications that the original motor has. Replacing the motor without the same specs can cause higher utility cost and a shorter life span of the air conditioning system. Also replace the run capacitor when you replace the condenser fan motor. The average cost to replace the condenser fan more can range from $350 to $575. The cost depends more on the size of the condenser and the features of the motor. A high efficiency condenser may have a two stage motor that dive the cost up.

Compressor Replacement Cost:

Compressor ReplacementThere are many reasons your air conditioning compressor can fail. The biggest factors are poor installation of the condenser and lack of maintenance. If your compressor stops working you may not need to replace the compressor. Some of the components that can cause compressor failure are:

1) Over heating from a dirty Condenser coil or bad condenser fan motor. Wash your condenser with water and allow to cool down properly before starting system again. Check if your Condenser fan motor is working properly.

2) Low refrigerant in system. Running a compressor with low gas is like running a car with no water. Have your HVAC contractor check the refrigerant levels before he condemns the compressor.

3) Bad run capacitor to the compressor. Like the condenser fan motor the compressor needs a run capacitor to turn on and stay on. Sometime replacing the run capacitor can get your compressor to work again. Also adding a hard start to the compressor can turn it on too. A hard start is like a run capacitor however it gives it a little more juice to kick over. A new compressor run capacitor can range from $250 to $350 depending on the size and air conditioning contractor.

The cost to replace your air conditioning compressor can range from $1500 to $2400. There are a lot of variable that can bring the cost up and down. The biggest cost factors are the size of the system and the labor needed to get it replaced properly. 4 out of 5 times it’s more economical to replace the system if it’s older than 10 years. When having a HVAC contractor replaces your compressor. Make sure he practices these tasks:

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