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October 21, 2014
Walls re plastered and

British Damp Proofing recently completed some work at Southwell, just outside Newark. It was an interesting site and nothing we had come across before. The building we were contracted to work on was the old House of Correction facility. The work we undertook included woodworm treatments and a chemical damp proof course to the entire […]

Welcome to the British summer! Now not to say we haven’t had some nice days but as of the most part you cannot really call it summer. For us summer means Woodworm season, more specifically known as common furniture beetle or Anobium punctatum for the Latin readers out there. The reason we call it woodworm […]

Hello and welcome to British Damp Proofing’s Blog, Our website has gone through a very recent serious overhaul to make it more user friendly towards mobile devices and tablets. With this we have decided to start a blog and incorporate this into the website. We are doing this to give you the reader a […]

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