Rubber rug pads for hardwood floors

December 30, 2019
Rug Pads For Hardwood Floors

Natural rubber is derived from real rubber trees in southeast asia. Natural rubber will grip better and last longer than both synthetic latex and PVC rug pads. Synthetic latex tends to dry out quicker, causing premature flaking and deterioration of floors. PVC rug pads on the other hand don’t grip as well and can often stick to your floors. Also, PVC plastic rug pads are also manufactured overseas, and depending on the chemicals used in production they can often harm certain floor finishes due to off-gassing.

A 100% natural rubber rug pad designed to prevent smaller rugs and runner rugs from slipping. Traditional waffle style pattern may resemble similar style non-slip pads, however Durahold's made with only natural rubber materials which perform better than sticky pvc alternatives found in big box stores.

  • Ideal for preventing runner rugs and scatter rugs from slipping
  • One of the best gripping rug pads on the market
  • 20 Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA

Super-Lock Natural Rug Pads

Made in the USA using 100% untreated rubber materials, this eco-friendly rug padding provides a safer and stronger grip for any surface, especially flooring that tends to stain easily. Ideal for stubborn area rugs that are prone to slipping or bulking.

  • Natural rubber offers superior gripping power over PVC alternatives
  • ⅛’’ thick, breathable design

approx. $ 1.22 / sq ft

Rug anchor is a 100% natural rubber ideal for anchoring runner rugs and scatter rugs. Solid design is ideal for maximizing grip for stubborn area rugs more prone to slipping. Rug Anchor is also waterproof, preventing spills from reaching floors below. Unfortunately, Rug-anchor is offered only in 4 foot wide rolls, thus requiring 2 pieces for larger rugs.

  • Ideal for stubborn area rugs and smaller rugs in high traffic areas
  • Eco-Friendly - 100% open celled natural rubber

approx. $ 1.24 / sq ft

Natural Weave is the world’s most eco friendly rug pad. It’s made with natural rubber and plant jute base. A one of a kind rug pad for the greener home. A low profile rug pad with strong anti slip properties.

  • 1/8'' thick, low profile
  • Very Eco-Friendly

approx. $ 1.10 / sq ft

For most consumers, using a rug pad under their rug or carpet doesn’t even cross their mind….that is until the damage has already been done.

If you’ve ever removed carpet or a rug from hardwood after it has been in place for a year or more you’ve likely seen firsthand the kind of damage it can do to your floors.

What kind of damage you ask?

  • Scratches from abrasion and friction
  • Dents or gashes from moving/dragging furniture
  • Bubbling, cracking or peeling of wood or sealant
  • Warping of wood

Yeah, it’s not pretty. Not at all. And considering the high cost of flooring, be it hardwood, laminate or otherwise, we’d prefer to help you avoid the situation altogether. And considering the cost of a nice rubber rug pad is under $1.50/ square foot (20Yr warranty included), it’s a no-brainer in our books.

But before we get into that, we would like to help clear up a few things that you may be wondering about as it pertains to buying a rubber rug pad.

#1 What are the Main Advantages of Using a Rubber Rug Pad?

  • Protection of your carpet, rug, or flooring
  • Limit slipping, movement or bunching up of your rug / carpet
  • Prevent moisture build up
  • Inhibit mold / mildew
  • Anti-bacterial / non-allergenic properties
  • Soft cushioning and padding
  • Waterproof / stain resistant

#2 Will the Rubber Rug Pad Scuff up or Damage my Floor?

Quite the opposite. We’ve ran numerous tests and looked at the safety profile and data from leading manufactures around the world. Overwhelmingly, when it comes to rug pads and hardwood, a rubber rug pad is the BEST option there is.

The rubber rug pads we carry are USA made, and engineered to provide superior protection, grip strength and comfort. We guarantee it.

Now, there are instances where rubber rug pads have done damage, and you may be aware of some of those stories involving: marring, melting, staining, or even stripping the finish off floors. There are a couple reasons this could happen that are VERY preventable. And again, all our rubber rug pad options are fully tested, with a 20 yr warranty, quality guarantee and 30-day money back promise.

But first, let’s cover why some rubber rug pads might fail...

A. Failure to Wait after Re-Finishing the Floor

The home owner did NOT wait the mandatory 2-3 week period after re-finishing their floors with stain, sealant or polyurethane coating. Failure to wait 2-3 weeks before placing a rubber rug pad on this surface WILL result in damage as the sealant has NOT yet cured. In this case, the rubber reacts with the poly sealant and creating a bond that then can peel with time and wear.

B. Poor Quality Rubber (often imported)

Cheaper, “no name, ” unheard of, or imported/overseas manufactures can produce poorly created products using any number of chemicals, bonding agents, sealers and toxins. This is especially true when talking about any rubber product, rubber rug pads included. The rug pads at are USA made, non-toxic, and eco-friendly. We source our rubber from natural rubber trees and never use harmful toxins or chemicals.

C. Substituting Rubber with PVC or vinyl

Low-end manufacturers sometimes use vinyl and PVC with lacquered and acrylic finishes with their pads. This combination is known to cause chemical reactions and may cause staining, discoloration, or damage to hardwood floors. Rest assured, our rug pads do NOT use this combination. And we provide a 20yr warranty to back it up.

I know rugs and carpets are expensive, and often there is little left in the budget for a rug pad. But think of the years of extra use and damage prevention you can get for as little as $1/sq ft. And yes, that is for a USA made rubber rug pad with a 20yr warranty. It’s the investment that lasts longer than your actual rug might, and at the end of the day, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your flooring underneath looks as new as when you first covered it up.

#3 What Can I Expect from a High Quality Rubber Rug Pad?

A quality rubber rug pad will provide cushioning, stability, grip and protection for years to come and is an investment that pays for itself over and over again.

Expect the following:

  • Strong grip / non skid / non slip design
  • Ample cushioning, softer feel, plush comfort
  • Long lasting durability
  • Superior protection of flooring and rug / carpet
  • Acoustic / noise reduction properties
  • Heat / thermos insulation
  • Be environmentally friendly, non-toxic
  • Be hypo-allergenic
  • Be easy to clean

#4 What a Quality Rubber Rug Pad Should Not Be

When it comes to rug pads, there are a few things to look out for that can save you both money and frustration. Much of this grief is caused by poor designs, cheap materials, and overseas manufacturers.

A quality rubber rug pad should NOT:

  • Smell or have an odor
  • Stain your rug or carpet
  • Discolor your floor
  • Use harsh chemicals, toxins, sealers or bonding agents
  • Will NOT be sticky to the touch, nor actually “stick” to your floor

#5 Natural Rubber vs Synthetic Padding

When it comes to rubber, there are two types: natural and synthetic. While both can be effective, we prefer the more environmentally friendly and less toxic “natural” eco-friendly option.

At we use ONLY organic, non-toxic all natural rubber sourced from sustainable rubber tree farmers. Our natural rubber rug pads are made from the white sap harvested from the hevea brasiliensis (rubber) tree.

Natural Rubber

  • Environmentally Sustainable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Organic
  • Non-toxic
  • No chemicals
  • Long lasting
  • High quality
  • Safe for your floors
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