Cost of Basement Waterproofing

March 4, 2021
Cost Of Basement Waterproofing
A well-integrated system

How much should you pay for a dry basement?

If you’ve ever dealt with a flooded basement, you know how messy, damaging and disruptive it can be. Knowing that your basement will stay dry definitely gives you a good feeling. But how much should you have to pay for that feeling? Keep reading to learn how to fairly compare waterproofing costs.

Important: Every basement is different

Don’t accept a “one-size-fits-all” waterproofing treatment, which some contractors provide in order to keep prices low. There are many variables that need to be considered when designing your basement waterproofing system: soil and site conditions, the way you plan to use your basement and your basement’s size, shape and construction details -just for starters.

You’ll also want to consider the importance of battery backup capability to keep your waterproofing system operational when there’s a power outage.

Questions to ask when comparing basement waterproofing costs

  • Does the contractor provide a dry basement warranty?
  • What will the completed system look like?
  • Will the waterproofing system make it more difficult to finish or remodel the basement?
  • Will the basement waterproofing system work when there’s a power outage?
  • What are my options to dehumidify the basement to remove dampness?
  • In cold weather, can the discharge line freeze and cause backup flooding?
  • Is the waterproofing system compatible with a radon mitigation system that is or might be installed in the basement?
  • Does the installer also provide maintenance and repair of the waterproofing system?
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