Bathroom air Conditioner

December 23, 2015
Bathroom, air conditioner

Reheat dehumidification function equipped for the first time in the world, realizing high humid bathroom and kitchen by multi-split air conditioner.

In China, many detached houses and condominiums use embedded-type multiple air conditioning systems with two or more indoor units connected to one outdoor unit for air conditioning of the entire living space. However, conventional multi-split air conditioner systems cannot deliver controlled air in a bathroom or kitchen due to high humidity, despite strong demand from users. In response, we have developed the world's first indoor and outdoor units with a reheating/dehumidifying function. Daikin's philosophy, "The air which nestles close to an individual, " is embodied in the concept of this model, "providing comfortable air to the entire living space."

Key design concept

We chose a thin body and a seamless surface for this product, to ensure users feel comfortable air without being aware of where the air comes from.

Approach to problem solving

We developed indoor and outdoor units on our own, which can remove moisture in bathrooms and kitchens. We adopted a new three-pipe system consisting of two gas pipes and one liquid pipe for the outdoor unit for reheating and dehumidifying, and incorporated a drying and dehumidifying function in addition to a cooling and heating function in the indoor unit.


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