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May 17, 2023
Hydraulic oil systems is the
Delta Membrane System for damp walls
We provide the worlds foremost range of products for basement drainage, structural waterproofing and underground wall and floor protection.

Cost effective, simple to install, DELTA® membranes keep hydrostatic pressure away from walls, ceilings and floors keeping living spaces dry and insulated.

Our systems can be used on domestic and/or commercial properties from small scale basement conversions to major public works, such as the London Underground. The channel tunnel for example claims over 70, 000m² of DELTA®-MS.

DELTA Systems can easily deal with aggressive ground water conditions, where basements are liable to flooding, or indeed where simple dampness, contamination or salting problems are prevalent.

The main components of the system are the membranes themselves. These are manufactured from virgin HDPE which is thermally alkaline stabilised. The stud heights vary between 3mm for DELTA®-FM, 8 mm for DELTA® MS 500 & DELTA® PT-Lath to 20 mm for DELTA® MS 20. The cavity created by the membrane contains between 5 and 10 Litres of space respectively. This is known as either the “Air gap” or the “Drained Cavity”, in wet situations. The cavity drain system forms a waterproof inner lining to the walls and floor whereby the water or dampness is collected and managed via a sump/pump station.

The membranes are manufactured in Herdecke, Germany under full quality and environmental assurance schemes. The system has full professional legislative approvals in all countries in which it is used. But the innovative world class design and top quality manufacturing and materials are only the start. We provide a complete design, training and report service to ensure our products are always used to their maximum potential. We’re a one stop shop right from the design stage to on site visits with recommended installers that can provide the necessary warranties and guarantees.

The Sealed System

In Soil retaining situations such as basements and vaults etc. The DELTA sealed system is recommended. The membrane selection depends on the required finish and flow rate if applicable. All membrane junctions, fixing points, service entries and other protrusions are sealed with the DELTA Seal range of sealing products. Where active ground water is evident or expected drainage of one form or another should be incorporated into the specification. Our Technical staff are available to give advice in this respect.

The Ventilated System

In above ground situations or in areas where no free running water is expected, for example where external pavements have been built up the ventilated system can be used. The ventilated system with air gap at top and bottom, with sealed joints and fixings is sufficient in this situation. This method is seen as a sympathetic solution in Heritage type properties as a general damp proofing system. The fabric of the building remains unchanged but the new internal surfaces are ‘dry’ and are salt and contamination free. Both dry lining or plaster direct finishes are available on the ventilated system.

For any queries on cellar drainage equipment, basement waterproofing solutions or structural waterproofing systems please contact us.

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