Rug padding for hardwood floors

June 27, 2020
Black hardwood flooring dining

Nature's grip rug pad, non-slip and eco-friendlyThere's something very romantic about a good hardwood floor. They have a timeless charm, the kind that never looks out of style. A great hardwood floor has character and class. Maybe it's because no two floors are ever the same or that as they age, our history is written on them. Maybe it's the simplicity they add to a room.

Hardwood will never go out of style and you can leave it exposed or add a rug for a touch of color and comfort. With a few changes in furniture presentation and some well picked out accessories, you can completely transform the character of a room.

The appeal goes beyond mere beauty and history. Hardwood floors are practical. They are easy to clean and are a great alternative to carpeting for allergy sufferers. Carpets, no matter how often you vacuum them, have a tendency to trap debris and dust over time. You won't have that problem with solid wooden flooring.

Hardwood floors don’t require too much attention. If you give them a good maintenance coat every few years and sand and refinish them every few decades they’ll maintain their looks and charm.

But, like everything worth having, hardwood floors need to be protected. They are prone to damage from your pet's paws, a high heel or that heavy bookshelf you have in the corner.

How do rug pads protect my floor?

Rug pads protect your floor from everyday wear and tear by keeping your rugs firmly in place. A rug that's slipping and sliding around has a sand paper like effect on your floor and can cause damage that's difficult and expensive to repair.

Using natural, eco-friendly rug pads to keep your rugs in place protects both your floors and your rugs.

The benefits of eco-friendly rug pads

Eco-friendly rug pads are not just good for the environment, they are kind on your rugs and floors. The combination of natural fibers and natural rubber means that they don't contain any corrosive chemicals that seep through and damage your floor boards.

The superior lock rugpad- eco-friendly, non-slip and soundproofOnce damaged, hardwood floors are expensive and difficult to repair. Depending on the surface area and the extent of the damage it can set you back thousands of dollars. Preemptive action now will save you a lot of money, stress and hassle down the road.

The right rug pad will depend on the type of hardwood, the rug being used and the amount of traffic you expect to get in that room.

Nature’s Grip

Made from a combination of recycled felt and rubber, the Superior Lock rug pad is something of a multi-talent in the world of rug pads. The grooved rubber backing grips the floor firmly yet gently, keeping your rugs in their place. The strong, dense felt core makes the ground feel soft under your feet.

Hardwood floors are not the best noise insulators. You can hear every move and every step echoes. Add some active children to that mix and every time they run on the floor you'll wonder what kind of crazy party is going on up there!

The Super lock natural rug pad muffles the noise, rendering your steps (and theirs) ninja quiet. If you want to win the most thoughtful neighbor award or just want to make sure your downstairs living room doesn't like the uncoordinated drummers convention, superior lock can definitely help.

Super Lock Natural

The Super Lock Natural rug pads are made from 100% natural rubber sourced from rubber trees. Unlike the synthetic rubber derived from crude oil, it is 100% sustainable and the trees are not damaged in the extraction process- a rubber tree remains active for an average of 25 years!

Synthetic rubber certainly has its place in the manufacturing industry but when used in rug pads, chemicals seep into the wood grain, leading to damage and permanent staining. The natural rubber gives the super lock great natural non stick properties and renders them non slip. It stays in place without scratching your floors and, unlike synthetic rug pads, the waffle design won’t imprint itself on your floorboards.

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