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March 8, 2023

Providing services in damp proofing, basement waterproofing, and timber treatment, we have specialist teams in all regions to ensure that the service we provide is locally accessible and accountable.

We also provide services in condensation control, flood restoration, toxic mould repairs and wall stabilisation.

Choosing a firm to carry out property repairs can be stressful and time-consuming; however booking with Peter Cox couldn’t be easier. Simply book your free survey and we’ll send out one of our experts to inspect your property.

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The climate in Lincoln tends to be drier than many other regions, however the low-lying land may be prone to dampness and flooding. In the summer Lincolnshire itself is sunnier and warmer than most of the UK, but it is colder and frostier in the winter. In general Lincolnshire is drier than areas on the west coast for instance.

However, wind-driven rain can be an issue in the flat spaces of Lincolnshire and hence penetrating damp may result. With the low-lying land and a high water table, basement waterproofing may be needed. Toxic black mould and fungal growth such as dry rot and wet rot may be evidence of wetness or damp.

Our case histories include timber rot repairs in a Windmill in Lincolnshire, elimination of radon gas and also bird fouling deterrence in a church in Lincoln itself.

We pride ourselves in developing long standing relationships with our clients and we count the Museum of Lincolnshire Life as one of our oldest friends in a connection that has spanned over 20 years. Our Lincolnshire office has worked to provide a damp course, treated woodworm and dry rot and even provided a smoke treatment to a timber framed hearse! As a result of our varied work over the years, the Museum recognises our expertise and so when it was faced with an unidentifiable fungi growing in one of the external areas, it turned to Peter Cox for help and advice.

You’ve done an excellent job, tidy professional – a great service. – Jean Butterfield

Lincoln, famous for its magnificent cathedral, has a population of approaching 130, 000 if one includes the full urban area. The original Roman town of Lindum Colonia was designated as a place where legionaries could go to retire.

The land is relatively flat, and much of the area served by our office lies below 60 metres. The Lincolnshire Wolds lie to the North.

Farming remains very important in Lincolnshire including cereal growing: barley, wheat and sugar beet. There is also market gardening, fruit and spring bulbs. Fishing has really declined in the last decades.

Source: www.petercox.com
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