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July 17, 2017
Interior Wet Basement

WaterGuard® Basement Waterproofing System

WaterGuard® Drainage System Benefits

  • Designed to capture water seepage through walls and leaks along the wall/floor junction.
  • Nearly invisible when installed.
  • Faster, easier and less expensive to install than exterior drainage systems.
  • Rugged plastic construction will never corrode or decay.

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High-performance drainage. The unique D-shaped profile of WaterGuard® drainage tile effectively captures wall & floor seepage before it reaches the basement floor. The drainage system transports water to a sump pump for ejection to the outdoors.

WaterGuard® drainage channel is an innovative interior drainage system designed to permanently solve basement water problems. Unlike French drains that are installed outside the foundation or alongside the footing, WaterGuard® drains can’t clog with silt or plant roots. Your WaterGuard® drainage system will always work perfectly.

Interior basement drainage and sump pumpThanks to its unique profile, WaterGuard® effectively captures wall and floor seepage before it reaches your basement floor. The drainage system transports all ground water to a sump pump, so that it can be pumped outside.

Reducing hydrostatic pressure against the foundation –instead of allowing it to increase—is the key to preventing a wet basement.

WaterGuard® drainage channel has a patented profile that includes a wall flange with spacers for collecting wall seepage, channel holes that allow ground water to enter the drain line, and a large-diameter channel that can’t crush or kink like standard plastic drain tile can. This innovative interior French drain system, and all of our patented basement drainage systems, are designed to work with the powerful, reliable sump pump systems from Basement Systems.

Once the WaterGuard® system is installed, you’ll hardly know that it’s there. The drainage channel is hidden beneath a layer of concrete. Only the top edge of the wall flange is visible.

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