Return air vents covers

December 1, 2022
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By from Webster, TX on May 12, 2016

Casual Do-It-Yourselfer

Recently we remodeled in our home and I was determined to find a Return Air Vent Grille that looks good and is easy to clean. Our large return air vent is unfortunately located in a highly noticeable area of our home, and for years we have tolerated a metal grille covering that was a bothersome eyesore. It was also difficult to clean because it was attached by hinges so you couldn''t remove it, and the openings in the metal were too narrow to clean well without making a mess. I am very happy to have found this Wooden Return Air Vent Grille from ATGstores. The order processing was simple, the product arrived promptly and well-packaged, and it was very easy to install for a perfect fit into the return vent opening. The grille comes primed and ready to paint, and with our freshly repainted walls, I chose to use the same color as the wall, so the grille blends in nicely and is much less noticeable. It is actually reasonably attractive and looks clean and modern. Because of the design it will also be easy to keep clean with a damp sponge - the slats are wide enough for your hand and sponge to reach everything you would need to clean regularly, and if a deeper cleaning is ever required, the grille cover is easily removed (which you also do to change the filter). The product seemed a bit pricey at first but now that it''s here, it is definitely worth every penny. I am very, very pleased with this product.

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