Condenser fan motor for Refrigerator

March 13, 2023
61005323, WP61005323 Condenser

A condenser fan is used on frost-free refrigerators that have a condenser coil in the bottom of the cabinet, inside the compressor compartment. The fan runs whenever the compressor runs, and it draws cool room air through the front grille, and circulates it through the condenser coils, over the compressor, and back out the front grille into the room. The circulating air helps cool the compressor and the refrigerant in the condenser coils. The air also helps evaporate the water in the drain pan.

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If the fan stops, the temperature of the refrigerant will rise and the compressor may overheat. Eventually, the food may spoil.

To check the condenser fan motor, first unplug the refrigerator and pull it away from the wall. Remove the rear access cover from the motor compartment. Use a paintbrush to remove the dust from the fan blades, motor and condenser. Then vacuum the area thoroughly.

Turn the fan blade to see if it moves freely. If the motor binds or doesn't move at all, replace it.

To replace the motor, follow its two wires back to the terminal block and remove them using a pair of needle-nose pliers (Fig. 1). Next, use either a nut driver or screwdriver to remove the mounting screws that hold the fan assembly and bracket onto the metal divider in the motor compartment (above).

Carefully remove the assembly from the motor compartment. Next, remove the fan blade from the motor by backing off the thin rectangular nut that secures the fan to the motor (Fig. 2).

Next, take the fan blade and rubber washer off the motor shaft.

Remove the mounting bracket from the old fan motor and install it on the new motor (Fig. 3). Then install the rubber washer and the fan blade on the new motor. Tighten the nut, reinstall the fan assembly and attach the motor wires to the terminal block. Check that there are no wires in the way of the blade or motor and that the fan spins freely. Install the rear access cover, then plug the refrigerator back in and test run it.

A new condenser fan motor can be obtained from the refrigerator manufacturer or a local appliance parts distributor. When ordering the new motor, supply the company with the make and model number of your refrigerator. Condenser fan motors cost between $40 and $60.

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