Small air vent covers

July 21, 2021
2X Circular Stainless Steel

Foundation vents prevent moisture buildup under the floor of the home when temperatures are warm. They are essential to preventing dry rot in support timbers and floors. However, when the weather is cold, they allow the air to infiltrate the area often resulting in frozen water pipes. Aluminum vent covers prevent this cold air infiltration and allow heat seepage from inside the home to protect the plumbing system.

Dust, dirt and debris often blow through the openings of the vents, creating a mess in the crawl space. Covering the vents ensures these materials remain outside and protect the home.

The foundation vents provide access to rodents and other small animals. Under the floor of the home, mice and rats chew through insulation on electrical wiring and plastic pipe, resulting in the need for expensive repairs. They also have access to small openings in the floor that allow them to move into the home in search of food. Tightly secured aluminum vent covers limit their access and prevent damage to the home.

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