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June 26, 2021
Rot Technician

Dry Rot DamageDry rot and wet rot in the home are the most frequent and serious causes of timber damage in domestic property. But there’s no need to worry – wet rot and dry rot treatment services from Peter Cox eliminates wood rot from an affected domestic property, and our timber preservative treatments will help to protect against future infection.

Clear signs of cubicle cracking on skirting boards and dry rot found inside broken floorboards. Peter Cox surveyors found that this was due to external defects, allowing rain water to penetrate the building, primarily via the roof.

Dry rot problems in your home

Dry and wet rot can attack all kinds of timber, old or new, part of domestic or commercial properties. Damp in the home, combined with a lack of ventilation, provide the ideal conditions for fungal attack on timber. Once our technicians have completed the dry rot treatment, the best way to prevent future dry rot occurrences and damp on walls is by utilising Peter Cox domestic damp proofing services, or if dry rot has occurred beneath your home, domestic basement waterproofing services.

Is dry rot harmful to your health?

Whilst dry and wet rot themselves are not harmful to human health, the existence of dry rot indicates a higher than normal level of dampness in building timber, meaning or could be present in the home, which can lead to respiratory problems especially for the elderly or those who suffer with existing respiratory conditions. Our dry rot and wet rot treatment, combined with our damp proofing services could lead to an improvement in the health of your home and your family!

The nature and biology of dry rot makes it vital to locate and eliminate the underlying source of moisture behind the outbreak. Roofing failures and leaking gutters are particularly damaging, allowing water to spread over large areas before being discovered. A dry rot survey may require exposure work before the complete extent of the outbreak can be determined, and the dry rot treatment or wet rot treatment can begin.

Dry Rot SporesHave you seen signs of dry rot? Contact us on 0808 115 8050 or fill out our to book a free survey.

Dry rot spores spread very quickly

Repairs and Fungicidal Treatments

Peter Cox technicians will replace defective timbers and undertake repairs where necessary to retained sections, including structural and decorative timber. All retained timber is treated using the latest fungicidal formulations to prevent further infection. Where necessary, adjacent masonry is irrigated and its surface sprayed with one of our water-based biocides. These odourless, low hazard biocides are HSE approved, and treated rooms can be reoccupied after just an hour. This timber preservative treatment is generally surface-sprayed, but can also be applied by brush, injection, gel or paste forms.

Dry rot & Wet rot help

To find out more about wet and dry rot, visit our pages asking what is wet rot? and what is dry rot?

To book a wet and dry rot survey, call us on 0808 115 8050, alternatively you can fill in the quick form at the top of the page or fill in our. We will endeavour to get back to you as soon as we can.

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