Best water sealer for concrete

March 29, 2017
Epoxy garage sealer
Concrete, brick, and masonry sealer guide by RadonSeal

Industry Leading Products & Waterproofing Expertise Since 1997

Waterproofing solutions are not always simple but with a little know-how and the right advice permanent fixes can be accomplished relatively easy and inexpensive. For the past 19 years we have been dedicated to offering our customers unbiased expertise, unparalleled service and our professional-quality, ready to use, concrete sealers, brick sealers, and concrete repair products.

Whether your intention is to dry out a damp basement, reduce radon levels, waterproof a brick chimney, prevent concrete dusting, or preserve the look of your outdoor concrete, our line of trusted, professional-grade penetrating concrete sealers will more than exceed your expectations!

When Performance Matters – No messy mixing, no sticky residues, our line of sealers are ready to apply upon delivery.RadonSeal Concrete Sealer 5-gallon pail Incomparable to anything available in stores, which sell film-forming sealers that will break down, peel, discolor, and most having to be reapplied annually. The RadonSeal pro-line of long lasting, penetrating, waterproofing sealers have an extensive and well proven history when quality and performance matter!

  • COMMERCIAL, INDUSTRIAL, RESIDENTIAL APPLICATIONS - Easy and safe application for contractors and homeowners.
  • INDOOR or OUTDOOR – Wet basements, patio pavers, concrete driveway, pool deck, sweating garage floor, koi pond, etc.
  • NEW or OLD CONCRETE, BRICK, MASONRY –"Chicago" brick, rat slabs, cinder blocks, concrete blocks, thin concrete, crawl spaces.
  • ABOVE and BELOW GRADE WATERPROOFING – Basement walls and floors, negative side water pressure, stone foundations, retaining walls.
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