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June 2, 2020
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What is a floor register?

Floor Registers are functioning grilles that allow you to control the air flow from your air duct openings. These grilles are simply dropped in the opening of it's size. Underneith the floor register is the plastic dumper box that can be opened or closed with a small lever sticking out from the top. Floor Registers are the last component of the new looking floor. It is that final detail that makes you say: "Its done". Often forgot, the floor register can be finally purchased on this website.

Floor Register not only gives you full control of air flow in your room, but it also protects you from harm by covering the air duct. It stops your kids or pets from getting into the open spaces and injuring themselves in the furnace ventilation systems.

Floor Registers provide strong accents to the floor. A good matching of these grilles to your floor materials can greatly improve the quality of your room with style, richness, class and the actual value. Floor Registers are often used as accents to play with your fireplace, door handles, curtains, bars, carpets and furniture.

The air flow control on the floor register is easy and intuitive. It is a small lever from the top of the grille that sticks out just a tiny bit for your convenience. By moving it one way you allow the air flow and thus add the set temperature to your room. By moving this damperbox lever the other way you close it, and save on AC costs as well as define the room temperature how you like it. So there is nothing complicated about the floor register. This is all that it is and does.

Floor Register Installation Guide

Floor Registers are very easy to install.

  1. Determine the size of the floor register that you require. Floor Register is measured by the size of the air duct opening. If your air duct is 4 inches by 10 inches than you will need a 4x10 floor register. To do the measurement you must first remove the original grille. First measure the width which is the smaller side and then the length. Round to the closest inch to get your register size.
  2. Unpack your new floor register
  3. Insert your new floor register into the opening

Flushmount floor registers installation is a more complicated procedure

  1. Locate where the air duct is. Use the frame of the floor register to mark where you would like the grille to be installed. Trace the outside of the frame with a pencil. In various instances you may have some flexibility to move the frame as the floor register doesn’t have to be perfectly centered over the air duct opening. (For best job, buy a template for the opening size that you need. The template can be found in any construction store and comes with adhesive tabs that can be stuck onto the bottom of the template, keeping it in place once you find the right spot for the template using the outline you have made.)
  2. Use the router with a top guide bearing bit to allow you to cut out the area you need while running against the edge of the template. If you don’t have this bit, ask your local wood flooring distributor. You may need several passes with the router to complete the cut. (Vacuuming between every pass is important to make sure you get a good, clean cut.)
  3. With the full depth of the flooring cut, remove the wood flooring where the flushmount floor register will go.
  4. The router usually can’t cut into right angles on the template, so use a corner chisel to knock out the corners for the floor register. If you don’t have a corner chisel, you can also use a regular chisel and a hammer.
  5. Gently use the handle of your hammer (or another piece of wood) to ease the frame of the floor register into the space for a dry fit. If necessary you can shim and glue the frame so it’s flush with the floor.
  6. Drop the floor register into the frame. It may sit a bit loose inside it, so it can be easily removed for cleaning.

If the only thing that concerns you is the lack of right color or material for the floor register size that you need, you can paint your floor register. Purchasing an unfinished oak register and a bit of proper varnish can make your dream color and design come true. Purchasing an aluminum or cast iron floor register requires for you to prime it before applying special paint that is suitable for metal.

How do I take care of my floor registers?

Taking care of your floor registers is easy and simple. Grilles are easily detachable and can be vacuumed with a pointed vacuum attachment that comes with most vacuum cleaners. Vacuuming your floor register takes care of the dust that may accumulate inside.

If you have a filter in your floor register, you can easily change it by taking out the register from the air duct, taking the old filter out, and snapping the new filter in its place. This is usually done once per season, as the filter pack contains 4 snap-on filters.

To give your floor register that extra shine, you don’t need anything special. Grab a wet cloth and gently polish the top of the grille. If it is really stained and murky, use a cleaning formula. Take care as to not over-polish the floor register, as you may deteriorate the grille’s paint finish. And thus there is pretty much no hassle at all from your floor registers.

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