Shop ventilation Systems

March 21, 2017
Since 1946 National System has

One.Keep The Heat
Two. Ambient Air Filtration Systems
Three. Quietaire Ventilation System
Four. Combination of Keep The Heat and Ambient Air Filtration Systems

To create the best air to breathe in your welding shop we have several options to consider. We either bring in fresh air from outside directly. Think of highly efficient fans that direct air into a hot building and help force it to circulate and exit out in a controlled manner. The next is to take outside air and mix it with a heat exchange in order to capture the heat from inside instead of pumping cold air directly into a building, we can keep that heat while still bringing in fresh air. The third option we utilize is to simply filter out the bad air. By installing a proper air filter, we can scrub the air and make sure it’s now safe to weld in. Because this doesn’t bring in cold air, it can be a very energy efficient option.

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